Facts and Figures

ISG Pearce


Seaton, Devon

Westminster Dredging Company Ltd

Vessel selection

Trailing suction hopper dredger

Seaton Land Reclamation

As part of the planning conditions for this development site in Seaton, Devon, the land had to be raised by two metres to reduce flood risk. To deliver the required 245,000m³ of material by road would have required 18,500 truck loads over two years. Boskalis Westminster used the trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Oranje’ to dredge and deliver the material through a pipeline almost two kilometres long. This pipeline ran from the vessel, along the sea bed, up the beach and over two bespoke temporary road bridges to the site.

Aerial View

This method completed the delivery in five weeks, with each cargo of ‘Oranje’ delivering between 14,000m³ and 15,000m³ of fill in approximately two hours. The impact on residents, businesses and tourists by taking 18,500 lorry movements off the road was significant with respect to reduced fuel use, pollution, noise and traffic congestion.