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As a leading global dredging contractor and marine services provider we offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and services. Maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards, we provide innovative and competitive all-round solutions to our clients in the offshore energy sector, ports, and coastal and delta regions of the world.

Company profile

We are one of the most important dredging companies in Brazil, with a history of working in this market with more than eleven projects only in the country. We have been working as Boskalis do Brasil for nine years in the Brazilian Ports, building and modernizing their infrastructures and applying what is most modern in dredging works. We have the technological support of Boskalis, a Dutch company with more than hundred years of experience in the development of engineering applied to dredging. Boskalis is a global marine services company primarily engaged in the construction and maintenance of ports. It is present in more than fifty countries on five continents.



Boskalis is a global market leader in dredging. Our dredging activities include the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, coastal defense and riverbank protection and land reclamation. We provide related engineering and other specialist services, such as underwater rock fragmentation, soil improvement and land remediation.


Offshore energy

Boskalis offers a unique range of offshore services to the international energy sector - oil, gas and renewables. We are involved in the development, construction, transportation, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), and decommissioning of offshore and onshore energy production facilities.



Through SMIT Salvage we provide emergency response, salvage and wreck removal services. The company has an unparalleled track record responding to ships in distress anywhere in the world from four strategic locations - Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore. The company also has extensive experience realizing a wide variety of demanding salvage and wreck removal projects – where, for example, wrecks threaten safe navigation or obstruct port access. In addition, SMIT’s salvage teams deliver a full range of environmental care services, such as the safe disposal of hazardous cargos and bunker fuels from ships that have run aground.

Our Activities

Boskalis Brazil offers the following activities.


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Boskalis Brazil

Av. Atlântica 1130 - 14º andar - Frente
Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro
CEP: 22021-000

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About us

Boskalis overview - who we are, what we do and what sets us apart.


Our activities include dredging, offshore contracting and marine services. In the Netherlands we also operate as contractor for dry infrastructure projects.


Boskalis operates in the ports, offshore energy and infrastructure markets. These markets anticipate structural growth over the longer term as a result of several key global trends.

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